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  • Royalty Free music for your content

    We are a record label sharing free and no copyright music to use online with no risk of copyright infringement, claim or demonetization.

    We are oriented in electronic music of all genres but we are accepting all kind of music as long as the quality is present. Will you be the next artist to sign on Jupita?

    Jupita is the label for content creators in the universe who need awesome royalty free music...

  • Usage Policy

    For all of our releases you are free to use our music in any medium and for any purpose, even commercially, with added credits (not including our 'COVER' releases). We're doing our best to let you use our music on every platforms. If you have any problems when using our track don't hesitate to contact us at contact@jupitamusic.com

    You are not permitted to distribute our music to any stores like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc. You can not remix any of our tracks without our permission.

    When you are using our releases please give appropriate credit with the track's information and the Free download / Stream link. You will find details for each track on our Soundcloud and YouTube uploads and an example below.

    Track: Marin Hoxha - Velocity
    Free download / Stream: https://jupitamusic.com/velocity/